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  DFX 410
Differential Fluid Service



The Differential Fluid Service DFX 410 is designed to service differential cases, manual transmissions and 4 wheel drive transfer cases. The machine works on shop air only, therefore there are no pumps or moving parts to break or clog up.

The exchange process is extremely fast taking only a few minutes to accomplish. The Differential Fluid Service DFX 410 has two 8 qt/Lit fluid tanks making it very versatile for using different fluids.

The Differential Fluid Service DFX 410 adds a valuable maintenance service for your customers, increasing your maintenance business, customer satisfaction, and profit to your bottom line.

Manual Download:

DFX 410 Assembly Manual
DFX 410 Brochure
DFX 410 Manual
DFX 410 New Style Fittings
DFX Machine Replacement Parts

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