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  EFS 710
Digital Engine Flush


Removes up to 20% additional used oil verses conventional oil change so the new oil stays cleaner longer.


 With the engine turned off the EFS machine safely cleans the entire oil system of harmful oil sludge and deposits.


Completely cleans gasoline engines in 10 minutes and diesel engines in 20 minutes or less.


Designed to improve engine life, and provide increased compression and horsepower.


The Engine will run much longer before a noticeable change in color of the oil occurs.


Improves the engines ability to dissipate heat, will run noticeably cooler.


Produces less harmful emissions to the environment.


Less engine noise. Improved fuel economy.


Cleans both gas and diesel engines
Operates using vehicle battery
Digital keypad
12 volt DC and shop air
Operation manual on front to follow instructions conveniantly
Fast and easy hook-up
Large wheels and casters for good mobility

Why an Engine Flush is Necessary?
Engine oil fi lters do not remove all of the sludge and deposits produced, therefore this sludge builds up in the engine thus restricting the proper fl ow of clean oil to critical engine parts. Over time this sludge build up will result in reduced lubrication and reduced engine life. What is called for is an alternate method of servicing your engine that will completely clean out the sludge and residue to ensure effi cient performance and longer engine life.

How does this machine work?
After the engine oil is drained adapters connect the machine to the car through the fi lter housing and the drain plug. A heated solution is pumped through the oil fi lter base , oil passages and the oil pump into the valve train. It fl ushes the oil pump and the pickup screen in the oil pan. The special solution breaks down and dissolves sludge throughout the engine removing the sludge and debris. This treatment enhances lubrication and protects the engine components from rust and corrosion.

Manual Download:

EFS 710 Assembly Manual
EFS 710 Brochure
EFS 710 Fittings Listing
EFS 710 - AEF Display Descriptions
EFS 710 Operation Manual
EFS 710 - Process Button Codes

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