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FS 110


FS 110

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FS 110 is a multi-functional fuel additive that can be used in three different applications:

This product will not void OEM warranty.

1) As a fuel system & injector service applied with a pressurized canister through fuel rail
• Allows for easy and complete cleaning
of injectors and fuel system
• Applicable to all gasoline vehicles
including trucks and passenger cars
• Restores fuel economy
• Lowers harmful exhaust gas

2) As an air in-take & combustion service applied with a vacuum applicator or pressurized spray nozzle.
• A fast and efficient service to thoroughly
clean and eliminate air intake
• Removes carbon build up from the
combustion chamber and induction
• Thoroughly cleans in-take and exhaust
• Avoid costly tear-down of EGR valve

3) As an in-tank additive
• Cleans fouled injectors
• Corrects and maintains injector
spray pattern
• Cleans in-take valves and removes
combustion chamber deposits
• Improves fuel economy
• Will not harm oxygen sensor or
catalytic converter

Buying Options are:

Part# FS 110 – 350ML Bottles – 12 per case

SDS Sheets

FS110 SDS TAF Fuel System Cleaner

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