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MLX 500


MLX 500

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Mileage Extender Plus is a multifunctional diesel fuel additive for ultra low sulfur diesel blends
Features and Benefits
*Improves cetane number up to 4 numbers at specified treat rate
*Helps to reduce misfires and engine noise
*Lowers exhaust emissions by decreasing NOX, carbon monoxide and particulate matter
*Decreases warm-up time and improves low temperature start ability
*Helps to improve lubricity in today’s ultra low sulfur fuels
*Keeps engines clean to XU-9 and DW-10 engine standards
*Helps to optimize fuel economy
* Cetane increased by 4 cetane points.
Dosage Rate
One gallon of Mileage extender Plus will treat 1000 gallons of ultra low sulfur diesel fuel for normal usage. The first treatment could be 1 gallon to 500 gallons for an initial clean up followed by normal 1 to 1000 treat ratio.
Physical Properties
Appearance  – light amber liquid
Density –  7.86 lbs/US gal
Specific Gravity –  0.9418

Buying Options are:

Part# MLX 500-1L – 1 L/ 1 Qts. Bottles – 12 per case

Part# MLX 500-20 – 20L / 5.28 Gallon Pail

Part# MLX 500-208 – 208L / 54.95 Gallon Drum

SDS Sheets

Mileage Extender Plus SDS

Mileage Extender Plus SDS – French


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