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TCF 100

TCF 100

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The TCF 100 transmission cooler flush machine will flush and clean transmission coolers and lines or any hydraulic system of contamination, sludge, varnish deposits, and particles from a failed transmission. Using the TCF 100-20 cleaning product in the machine to help clean and flush out the transmission cooler lines. The TCF 100 has a flow rate of 7 LPM / 2GPM to clean heavy duty transmission cooling systems requiring high flow rates. It has a 10 micron screen filter and a 3 micron spin on filter to check the systems cleanliness. The TCF 100 has a preset heater that heats to 95°C 203°F. You can easily switch flow direction without removing service hoses during and between flush cycles with the electronic reverser valve. The TCF 100 has an approximately 45 Min. – 1 Hour run time.

• Steel insulated tank
• 75 lbs.
• Hy-flow hydraulic pump
• Requires 20amp / 110volt plugin
• 20 Ft Power cord
• 2- 12 Ft. 3/8” service hoses
• Easy moveability
• 3- 3” Swivel castors & 1 castor with locking capability
• 10L fluid capacity easy to read level sight tubes
• Air purge set to 100 PSI
• 3 – 0-100 PSI gauges
• 7 LPM / 2 GPM Flow rate
• 10 Micron screen pre-filter & 3 micron spin on filter.
• Electronic flow direction valve.
• Low fluid level indicator that controls the heating element. Heating element will not turn on if level indicator light is on.
• Pump switch
• Set temperature gauge
• 2000 watt heater set at 95C/203F to be able to open the transmission thermostat on cooler lines
• Flush with or without heat
• 1 spin on replaceable system filter
• Approximately 45 Min. – 1 Hr. run time

Other information:
• The TCF 100-20 cleaner product needs to be purchased separately to work with the TCF 100 machine. This product comes in a 20L Pail. Approximately 10L is required to fill the machine. This will fulfill approximately 35-50 services then the product should be changed.
• We recommend changing the filter Part# 4051 at least every 10-15 services for the best results.

Download The Brochure:

TCF 100 Brochure





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